Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hi, what'd I miss?

Avett Brothers Vs Hot Chip!!!!!

I've had this nagging feeling that I've been needing to do something for the past...I don't know, eight or nine months now....and I just remembered:  Death MATCH!!!

So I must first blame my partner for the delay (shes napping on the couch right now so she can't object).  We looked at our assignment and she declared "Hot Chip wins." and I said no you can't do that, we haven't listened to the Avett Brothers but she said that she didn't like the sound of their name (I bet she would have wanted to listen to them if they were called the Avett Sisters).  Plus Hot Chip is basically warmed over disco.  I gave AV a spin and kept telling Brooke that she needed to listen to them but she kept refusing.  I think she knew someone who liked them and she doesn't like that person, some kind of rational like that.

Anyway, I finally tricked her into listening to it one evening during dinner.  I said come on check out the opener with the lines "brooklyn, brooklyn let me in--you don't know the shape I'm in."  That could have been our theme song in our early cold, cold months here.  That made her smile for a minute, but she remained hard hearted towards the Brothers.

So that means the Hot Chips win!!!!!!

(  Much respect to the Avett Brothers, however, for such intense head-banging with a banjo.)

Ok, I know we're late but we're not the last ones are we???

No one has turned the street lights on yet.
I declare:  DEATH MATCH IS BACK ON!!!!!!!!

Joe & Brooke


  1. I think Oprah would've pick Hot Chip too. Good call!

  2. I like warmed over disco better than fresh-out-of-the-oven disco anyways. Yay!

  3. Hey, were back! Wait, Hot Chip won? It really is over.

  4. c'mon! death match! vr--ooom vr--oooommm!

  5. i agree c'mon death match...